August 2019

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This is a place or a market where you find most of your food, medicine, meat and some other items in a whole. It is mainly situated in America, but you can find many more branches in Korea, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and some other countries too. 

When will all Costco locations close?

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Costco’s hours of operation?

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

The specialty in this store is that they have bulks. When you go to the usual market, you just buy one loaf of bread, one or two milk packets, one diaper pack, a kilo of meat, etc… But if you go to Costco, there you will see a bundle of diapers, ten kilos of meat pack, twelve milk packets together and many more. Everything in here is a lot. You may wonder how to put such an amount into your stomach. But we are sure that when you see the price and when you decide that price is low, you will surely begin to think of the way to buy this bundle. 

Some say that they sometimes miss going to worship their God, but they weekly go to this place for sure. This place is much closer to people’s lives. Actually, here, you can buy your food for the whole month if they do not decay. You know it is cheap. 

What are the hours can I shop?

Costco hours are not too hard. This one is open in the morning to the evening. You can go there every weekday and also on Saturdays sharply at seven p.m. In the evenings, they are open until six. They open the shop at ten a.m., but only on Sundays. Unfortunately, on Sundays, you can shop until five in the evening. 

You may think this is a bit strange because usually, we go shopping on Sundays. But, they get most of their stocks on Sundays and whether you believe it or not, Saturdays are the big days. 

Costco brings their items in large containers. They have drivers who bring the whole container into the shop straight from the harbor or sometimes from the airport. Usually, the other shops have the labors to unload the whole and after that unpack all the packets into single. But the labors in this place only have to unload all and just put them into an order. They may put them in a rack or sometimes they may load on to the floor. It doesn’t matter. After that, the labors will label the packs hurriedly so that the buyer can understand its price.

Costco Employees
Costco Employees

I do not have time to go shopping!

Do not worry!

Actually; these days, people who are aiming at developing their business, do not have time to go to a shop and choose what they want. Most of the times; some other family member or a child or sometimes a servant goes shopping for you. Nowadays people use online shopping because of the busy hours. 

Costco will give you the same chance. You can go to their website and just click what you want and how many of them you prefer. Then type your name and address. The delivery service will surely bring them to the address. Yes, it will take some time, sometimes three or four days, but their offer is sure. 

What you have to know is that this facility has limited days. Not only the Costco hours Sunday but also the delivery hours on Saturday are zero. You have to wait until the business hours come. That means weekdays. But don’t take this as a priority to stop shopping at Costco. You can always send someone to the store if it is an emergency. If you have time and need the best of what you want, just put an order and wait. If you are a person who knows the time management very much, the four days will not be a matter to you at all. 

Another important thing that you must know is this place is closed in some important holidays. As an example, you can notice that on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Labour Day and the first of January they are closed. You can go through the internet and get know about these days, or you can always ask a worker in the shop if you have any doubts. Hence, they put a notice every time if they are going to close in the next few days. You must not take this as a bother, because the people who works there are human beings too and they too need a rest. 

What can they do if you have a pharmacy?

They have not only food items, but also pharmacy items. Therefore you can just go in and select what you want. If you are a pharmacist, you must have the knowledge of the medicine. If not, there are workers who have the knowledge to help you. 

Costco pharmacist
Costco pharmacist

What do you want to have in your pharmacy? We think it is not only medicine. Whether you need medicine, the items such as wheelchairs and crutches, adult or baby diapers, some cosmetic items or any other things Costco pharmacy is happy to deliver all of them too.

The only thing you have to do is to give them a list of what you want. It is not too hard. You can call them and they are always ready to help you. One thing you have to be aware of is to know their business hours. Although you have ordered by email or any other way, it must be in their business hours. 

Unfortunately, they cannot help you though you are a pharmacist or you are in an emergency. They can only deliver it after about three or four days after you have sent them the list you want or the prescription of a doctor.

What if I do not have a pharmacy?

It does not matter what you have or have not. Actually; it does not matter to them whether you need a lot of medicine or you are just a single patient. Their action is the same. You only have to send them what your doctor asked to get. Costco will send everything to your house. 


Do shopping in a Costco store is a really amazing thing. You will go wondering what to buy because all you can see around are needy items. It doesn’t matter whether you buy something or not, just to go in and loitering around is a worth. 

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There are so many kinds of dogs in the world. Labrador, Doberman, German shepherd, Rottweiler are well known. Of them all, a very good and a very popular dog is the Bulldog. 

Its birth happened in England. Therefore the dog is called an English dog too. Some people call it the British Bulldog. This one is the national animal of England. The honor was given because of its loyalty. Most of the honorable people had a Bulldog as a pet and all of them had shown their loyalty to not only to the person but also to the country. Even in the world war and also in the hard periods of time, Bulldogs were with people. When someone takes all these things into account, he will see that there is no logic to stop giving honor to this dog. 

The male dog weighs about 25 kilograms and the female is 23. Usually, it is about one or two feet tall only, not very much. Therefore it belongs to the short model. It has a straight and also a smooth coat. There you can see less hair on his body. That single point gives you the advantage of having a Bulldog because you won’t get sick because of its hair. 

Its face is wrinkled and the nose is pushed. That appearance gives the dog a funny face. The society which is known as Kennel Club and which has spread all over the world, always ready to stand for this kind of dogs. This dog has gained a fifth place from all the pets that people love to have. 

The classic Bulldog puppies have many colors. So that one can choose his favorite color that he wants. They have solid white and red. Some have fawn or yellow color and also some dogs have piebald. This one can live about twelve years if you look after him affectionately.

You cannot feel many strong mussels in its body. Its eyes are wide. Its nose is actually a roll. The lips are drooping too and the jaws are looking upside. 

This kind of dogs seems to be courageous. Also, they are very kind. Therefore you can keep them with small children without any doubt. Usually, they do not quarrel and do not try to harm his owner. They have more and more patience. But if you wish, you can develop it as a fighter, because the dogs are a bit nasty. 

It is a breeder one. Therefore it can fall sick easily. The most common illness with this kind is cancer. And also sometimes the hip dysplasia hits them. Patellar luxation hits some dogs in this set. Some get cysts in its toes.

But, don’t worry; it won’t kill your puppy!

You can easily treat for most of the illness it gets. 

How to take care of your daily Bulldog puppy?

When you take care of your puppy, it seems to be a bit hard, because this kind is unique from others. Yes, you can have one of them easily at home and feed many things you wish. Yes, you can take it to the doctor regularly and give all the injections. But your dog needs much more as he is a Bulldog. 

You may have searched and decided what are the best foods that you going to give the puppy. No problem, give them. But when you are about to change the food or even the brand, it is wiser to do it step by step. At the first time, mix the old and the new together with half to half. Secondly, mix a quarter of old and three quarter of new. At the third time, you can give fully new food. 

Usually, the dogs are fed twice per day. It will be about 9 a.m. first and secondly, about 5 p.m. Here for your puppy, you have to give food thrice a day. After about five or six months you can change the time and make it twice. Another six months or after a year you can feed him only once. 

A regular balanced meal is a must!

Like humans, the dogs too need a balanced meal. Look carefully for the label when you buy food for him. Note what the first two ingredients are because they should be meat. Also, note how your puppy behaves after eating. If diarrhea, vomiting or some other thing happens, go to the vet immediately and get to know what allergies are for him. Do not, I repeat, do not give him that food again. If you see that he has got diarrhea, stop his food at once. Do not give anything for about half of the day. If you think it is not going to be ok, wait for a day and bring the puppy to the vet. These English bulldog puppies can easily de-hydrate.

Avoid sugar-free foods!

Whether you believe or not, sugar-free food is dangerous for dogs. All sweets and chocolates are dangerous too. Some fruits such as avocado, grapes, and nuts are harmful. Especially peanut butter is not good. It’s ok to put garlic and onions into the cooking, but do not give him the raw ones. Alcohol is strictly prohibited to give to your puppy.

Track your puppy’s weight in a regular manner!

Like people, Bulldogs also get overweight. You must always check for its weight and try to balance. You must note how much calories he gets a day. Look for the nutrient chart of your food, before buying it. This weight problem is another reason why these dogs are fed once a day. How do you know whether it is over or not? Groom him and you will feel the ribs. If you can see them, he is under its weight. If you cannot feel them, he is over. Also, look at him by the side. If his abdomen is tuck, he is ok. If it seems hanging, he is overweight.

Not only good food but also hygienic water is essential!

Usually, we do not think of the puppy’s drinking much. We just open the tap and let him fulfill his thirst. But do not do it for this one. You must boil or at least chlorinate the water. Also, remember to wash its bowls and buckets with soap before you put the food. 

Must-know facts about the teeth of your daily Bulldog puppy

When your puppy is having his teething period, you would better give him enough things to bite. The best one is the hoof of a cow. You can buy one from the store. But remember not to give the things taken from pigs. Also, the greenies are not good for this kind.

Common diseases in daily Bulldog puppy

The pests are harming every kind of dogs and also mammals. Sometimes ticks, sometimes lice and fleas, some other times; mites and also worms are natural in dogs’ bodies. You have to inject him annually and also check his body and especially nose and ears for these pests. It is better to check the blood annually and see whether there are any effects from them because the Bulldog puppies get heartworm. Another problem is the kidney. Your puppy will get a kidney disease if he is always on the outside of your house. Give him vaccines.

Ear care is essential!

You must remember to check the ears of your puppy regularly or at least once a week. Usually, its ears are white, but if you notice a difference of the color, check for pests. Sometimes you may see that he is shaking the head often. Some other time you will see some fluid or wax is coming out. You may feel that the ears smell bad or he is trying to scratch the ear. Do not ignore those symptoms. He needs your loving attention. To avoid these problems, you must clean them as many times as you can. But try it with a cotton ball only. Do not ever put trips or something cuneiform into him. It will surely damage the drum.

Must consider facts when purchasing a daily bulldog puppy

If your puppy is more than six weeks old when you buy him, he must surely be taken to the vet by his first owner. As you know, the vaccine names distemper must be given in nine weeks. You have to repeat it as your veteran says. Also, the de-warmer injection has the same regularity. Rabies is the third important vaccine. It has been given to them worldwide because if your dog bit someone, the person can easily get sick. Like humans, the dogs too need medical check-ups. It is better to do it at least once every two years. Bulldogs easily get arthritis and also heart problems. Therefore check and treat him before things get worse. 

If you do not need more doggies, de-sex him. It is good for not only for you but also for the dog. But remember to do it carefully, so that the dog won’t get additional illnesses.

Have you ever tried of brushing a dog’s teeth?

It is hard work. He won’t let you.

mini English bulldog

But your mini English bulldog needs this very much. Try to brush him every day or at least three times a week. You must get to know if there is anything unusual in its mouth. The bad teeth and bacteria should be treated immediately. Otherwise, the problem will grow up. What are you going to use as the paste? It must not be your toothpaste, because the fluoride can kill a dog. There are some toothpastes specially made without any harmful things. Let the dog friendly with the taste of the paste first. After that, you can use its toothbrush. Remember to brush the outer side only. No matter all these things have done, you would better give him full teeth cleaning by the vet. 

Wrapping Up…

The Bulldogs are really lovely and funny. Try one at least once in your lifetime. You won`t get disappointed.

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The brand Ford has founded by Henry Ford. At first, he hasn’t had a job. Everyone refused his service. After all, he started his own garage and the result was the Ford car.

Nowadays they produce not only the cars, but also trucks, vans, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc… As the other vehicles you find in the market, this company too has ford lease deals for your concession. There you have to pay your lease month to month. That is where the Ford Credit Manager comes to the line. 

Managing an account- Ford credit manager

You will have to open an account in the company when you buy a vehicle by leasing. The normal way is to go to the service center of your area and pay. But on these days, as everything has become technological, the company has given you the chance to pay them through the internet.

There you need to create an account online. Its account manager is always user friendly and therefore it is very easy to have one. Most of the car buyers these days have got at least one credit card. What you have to use here is your credit card. However, it is easy for you to buy an expensive good and do part-payments if you have got a credit card. 

Facilities- Ford credit manager

The account manager page in the Ford Company gives you the chance to chat with them. Therefore if there is any problem with the vehicle, bill or any other topic, you can easily and directly ask from a liable person and get the correct answers at once. Then you don’t have to wonder getting information from others.

Here you can send a standing order and schedule you’re paying. Also, you can adjust the automatic paying in your account. You can always change your date which says when the payment has to be done. Furthermore, you can check your ending date of the whole payment and how much you have paid up to this date. As most of the leasing companies, here also you can ask for text messages into your mobile phone. All you have to do is register to it by filling a form and paying a small amount of money.

You don’t have to walk in, ask an application, fill it and wait in a queue to register your account. A person just has to go to the web site and fill his information through the internet. It is easy if you have got a mobile phone or a tablet because then you can install their mobile app. calls the Ford Pass application. 

The easy app

As we have said before, the app Ford Pass is the best chance that has given by the company to you. When you install it, you will get the ability to access to their site easily. Then you will get to know about your Ford credit account, the paying, and other details too. This one is smarter and easier than any other apps in the app store. The features they give help you to chill out your mood. If you cannot understand how it will happen; you would better install it into your mobile and check whether this is true or not. 

If you have it, you do not have to wait for the postman to bring you the account statements. You can search for yourself and get a printout when it is needed. You can find the last paying details and also the history. So that you will never be panic and overpay anytime.

Not only that, you can pay your parking chargers with this too. Also, you can find a place before you go somewhere and then reserve it so that you will never be disappointed. 

You can always sync the vehicle with the app. Therefore sometimes you may be able to unlock it without the key; in case you forgot the key inside or it has been lost. 

You may be able to do a booking for the service of the vehicle, if you have got the app. The company will give you the manual of the vehicle and the owner when you buy it. But what if you lost it? Don’t be upset, the app will help you to view the personal manual easily. 

What if you accidentally have not saved the number of your dealer?

What if you forgot the dealer’s business card at home and you are in an emergency need on the road? It is very easy. If you have the app, it is really easy to make a contact with him suddenly. 

Ford credit manager

When the company has organized an easier way to pay Ford motor credit, people who love to buy Ford vehicles are ready to connect worldwide. Therefore the company let not only android, iOS install the Ford Pass.

Ford credit

The usual data payment must be done for the application, but it will be only about 9Mb. The specialty that this app has is it can adjust according to the performance and the abilities of your mobile or tablet. Sometimes you may see that some links are not working. Don’t worry. It is because of the year of your vehicle has produced. Some links are clickable only if your vehicle model belongs to the year 2017 or beyond. That means only for the new motors. 


The Ford Company has invented a way to do the simple auto sales of the company. Ford credit manager is very friendly. You just have to log in and the entire Ford world will be under your feet. 

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– a dream as a kid and a work as a man-

There are dream cars in everyone’s mind and most of them are these off-road beasts that run the roads. And Subaru is a definitely famous name among these most loved cars list. Why would you not love it? They are fast, safe, convenient and are magnificent indeed. And among the trend is shopping for certified used Subaru cars. This enables you to build a Subaru by your own hands. But this is thrilling only if you are a true car lover, with a pretty good taste indeed!

Well, this will be your guide to learn about the car as well as the procedure. The trend of purchasing used and pre-owned vehicles are on the top now. There are a few rules and regulations associated with the process and there are a few things that you should definitely check out before buying one. It is not as simple as me saying it or you listen to it.

Sometimes you need to have good knowledge about the engines and the mileages and stuff. And this is undoubtedly one such instance.

However, this program has been brought forth by the company itself. But do you know why? Well, it is because their cars have been built to last. Well, matey, good cars do not die young.

Are Subaru good cars?

First of all, let us get to know about the car. Well, there might be some people around here who know it just for the name but not for what it is.

Well for a starter it definitely is a good car. The vehicles are in the 18th in the reliability index out of 36 numbers. This was a major drop down which occurred due to some faults that occurred in two of their models (which they have taken care of by now).

It has been in the market for quite a long time and has been going through various ups and downs. But since 2016, the car is showing more progress with more sales and manufacturers. This occurred with the measures they took to change the procedures they usually took to build a Subaru.

The fastest Subaru in the world is the 2004 STI WR1 which takes a speeding of 0 to 60 within just 4.3 seconds. The monster truck can hit a 155 miles per hour speed limit with ease as well. This beast produces a 342 hp from its 2.0L four-cylinder engine. The car is expensive and rare as well which makes it worth the more.

But that is the case with most of the models. They are not that common and unlike BMWs and Mercedes – Benz and such brands this one stands unique. They have a customer base which includes people that have a good taste in the beastly models than the simple designs.

Why should you buy a CPO?

There is a list of benefits that comes along with this campaign that has been brought forth by the mother company. And among the entire list, the 152 – point inspection really stands out.

Well, let us get started with what you will get with this program;

  1. You get a 500 dollars owner loyalty coupon.
  2. You are provided with special financing and leasing facilities to meet your requirements.
  3. Factory backed 7 years warranty with 100,000 – mile powertrain coverage.
  4. Additional coverage is available upon your request and requirement.
  5. You receive roadside assistance 24/7/365 with no interrupts or failures.
  6. You get a few good deals of subscriptions.
  7. The SiriusXM three – month subscription.
  8. The STARLINK trial subscription for one year which includes Safety Plus Package with Automatic Collision Notification.

The amazing 152 – point inspection:

When you purchase a Certified Pre-owned vehicle you get a free inspection on selected points. Well, there are 152 such points identified by the company and hence the name. With this program, the highly professional technicians repair anything that they feel does not meet their standards.

This is actually something with significant importance given that the car you purchase get a full check, and repair. It is definitely ready for a set of the brand – new adventures with you.

Get a Subaru certified pre owned and Build a Subaru

Your instant guide to buying a Subaru CPO

If your dream has been to build a Subaru you should definitely start by purchasing a certified Subaru. This is not a big deal if you know what you need to be looking for.

The none – certified ones are less expensive but these CPOs are definitely the latest models. Unlike buying a used one, this definitely is more than just close to buying a new one.

When you are on the lookout for the shopping check out the following features:

  1. The age of the car, because the best ones will not be more than 5 years old.
  2. The mileage. It definitely should not be more than 80,000.

So, if you are yet wondering why you should purchase one from this scheme here it is. You get the chance to get an almost out of the manufacturer car, with some special checking done. You do not have to worry about the quality of the product right after manufacturing, because the previous owner did it for you. And rest assured on how he used the car because the company checked it for you.

Hence you will be getting the same quality product for a much lesser price.

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