The ability to judge yourself and your actions is known as metacognition

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Judging yourself and having doubts about your own actions is a sign of mental health. The smarter or more mentally healthy someone is the more they are self reflective . The most successful people have the highest metacognition . The only people that don’t doubt themselves are psychopaths that’s a fact. I can tell you that every Super successful person who has a clear vision of what they want still has doubts. I think many people look at people that have clear goals and feel like they don’t have doubts or fear, they do ! I know people feel they can’t achieve their vision because they have doubts and they are too weak. They feel like they should have absolute certainty all the time and that is the only way they can achieve their goals. They feel like their doubts disqualify them from happiness and success . It is the opposite belief is hanging in to your dream when you are filled with doubt . Every person who has achieved a goal has fought their doubts , it’s not that they don’t have them it’s just they choose not to focus on them. This is where the learned tools come in to play , writing, goal setting, generosity, meditation or reading a page like this everyday , these are the tools anyone can learn to suppress your fears and doubts and think about what you want. But understand that doubt is normal , you are not flawed or weak or unworthy if you feel it . The more you want something the more doubts you will fight . It’s a balancing act you have your dreams on one side and doubts in the other , if you do nothing , take no actions your doubts will win, negative thinking will win. But if you do something , take some action consistently toward your goals you will tip the scale of belief in your favor . Success is having big dreams and also big doubts but you move forward just the same , you don’t lose faith and you don’t give up .