An article about projected improvements in healthcare help

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An article about projected improvements in health care. In the discussion about what these guys will address to “transform health care” they listed “several key areas” they would like to address. Fourth of five was “Promoting Healthy Living”. Hoping they are not in order of perceived importance. At least they included it!

First sentence under that heading was encouraging: acknowledging that “90% of health care spending was on chronic diseases that could be dramatically reduced with healthier living”.

But then they went on to say:
“Some 40% of Americans never get their prescriptions filled, and 40% of those who do never get them refilled, says Andrews of the HealthTransformation Alliance. Perhaps Amazon can find technological ways to nudge people to take their medicine, eat healthier and get care when needed.”

Hey, if people ate healthier and moved more they may never need prescription meds. That would really disrupt our current system which relies on lots of patients and is pharmacy driven.