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In the American history, there are many cultural changes happened due to the invading the country by the rulers from the Europeans and other countries. The first Europeans group started settling down to the North American continent. They discovered completely new culture in the region. At that movement, the Native American tribes of North America were residing in the region. The Native Americans had a highly developed culture in many areas. When they saw the European families, they were curious about their unique custom and religious activities.

In contrast, the European was surprised by looking the Native American culture. As you know, when two cultures come together, the cultural exchange happens. Both the group started learning about the new culture that taught by the other group. Their belief system changed over the time, and things become relatively simple for both the groups. The Native Americans adopted the Europeans culture and Europeans accepted some of the Native American cultures. The result of this is the Native American cultural influence in the region and spread across the globe with the community expansion. They Native American have made a valuable contribution to share the American culture in the wide areas such as language, food, art, and government system.

Language Exchange:

The Native Americans were the first who started adopting the new language in their culture and borrowed new words from the other culture. They were the first who left the traditional English language. The early settlers who came from the different regions borrowed the words from the Native American speakers to name places, objects, and lands. You can still find many popular places named by using the Native Americans words. For Instance, the States of Delaware, Illinois, and Alabama are named after the Native American Tribes.

In addition, many English words are adopted from the Native Americans languages. The raccoon, moccasin, and potato are some of the native Americans words that we use in our today’s English language. The influence of Native American culture made it possible to move the culture in the other region of the country. The native American were the group who adopted many other cultures and trained them their own culture which eventually molds the human race in the early days. The European community and other who lived with the Native American people learned many things from them. They got to see a different culture that was helping to communicate and develop their effective community. These European groups then used their knowledge to teach others. This way the Native American culture crossed the local region and reached the European border, and from there it spread across the globe.

Influence of the Native American in other areas:

The English language is not the only area where we observe the close connection of the Native American influence; Art is another area where you see the contribution of the Native Americans. The Art is also touched by the Native Americans. Wool rugs woven by the women are used by the Navajo tribe in Arizona. The wool rugs woven art is taught by the Native Americans to the people. When it comes to Art, the Native American was the great artist in Jewellery making. They used to make the jewelry from the silver and turquoise material. Today these kinds of jewelry are more expensive and rare in nature. The Native Americans also contributed their skill in the pottery industry. The Handcrafted leaders are basically made by the Native Americans. In essence, the native art and handicraft work have become the big treasures in terms of the art contribution in the modern American culture.

There is a significant contribution to the agriculture as well which we still follow in the modern way of farming. Native Americans were the born farmer. They did many contributions in the traditional way of farming. Even today where we have technological advancements in the country, we still rely on the old technique of farming for growing crops.

Conclusion: The Native American culture has made a significant contribution in uplifting the human race in the world. American culture influences modern culture in many ways. Many advance technique developed by the Native Americans are still in use in the modern culture. We still see the influence of the Native Americans in many areas of our life. There is no doubt that they were more advanced species on the earth in the era they lived.