Most democrats will agree that the 2nd amendment guarantees guns for hunting

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Most Democrats will agree that the 2nd amendment guarantees guns for hunting. Some will concede that the 2nd amendment provides for the right to self-defense.

Few Democrats understand the idea of a gun as an equalizer— In the event that you are to be victimized by someone with a gun you want a gun of equal or greater power. Most will acknowledge that a stranger might victimize someone with a gun. Some will acknowledge that a friend or family member might victimize someone with a gun.

It is ludicrous, however, to assume that people have the inherent right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. “Not in 2018″. “That would never happen”… However, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said “Take the gun first, go through due process second,” Such an action by the government would not only violate the 2nd amendment, but also the 4th amendment.

People have the rights to defend themselves and their liberties; for freedom is not granted by nor can it be rescinded by the government. The Bill of Rights is a statement of rights that we hold to be endowed upon us by our creator.

If we can freely disregard any of our RIGHTS as outdated why not disregard all of them?

For the record, Obama disregarded the Bill of Rights as well. Off the top of my head, Obama violated the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th amendments of the Bill of Rights.

FDR violated many with the imposition of internment camps.

Lincoln violated many with the declaration of martial law.

Just because someone may have an immaculate reputation, it does not mean that their actions should not be questioned or there Patriotism was unwavering.

Not only that but as an even bigger slap in the face, he told DIANNE FEINSTEIN (yes, you read that name correctly) that Senate leadership should amend her national “Assault Weapons” ban into existing legislation that seems to be moving in the Senate!
To make matters even worse, Congress is caving.
And some members of Congress — including some Republicans — are actively supporting these insane gun control bills.
If you can’t tell already, we are under attack from all sides.
The anti-gunners are salivating at the chance to have a Republican president and Congress annihilate the Second Amendment.
We can’t let that happen.
We need you to take action NOW and tell Congress and the President that the MUST uphold the Second Amendment by shooting down any and all anti-gun bills that come their way.
The future of our fundamental rights depends on you.
Stand up and Save the Second Amendment!

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