Donald Trump has bizarre Twitter gaffe involving The Apprentice

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Trump began Wednesday by retweeting Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, who had just promoted his wife Roma Downey’s new book. That’s a federal crime, of course, as the President of the United States is not allowed to use his office to promote specific for-profit products in such a manner, but this is nothing new for him. It was what he did next that made heads spin, and suggested that maybe he’s so far gone, his own head may literally be spinning.

Trump then posted a Twitter reply to Burnett’s tweet about Downey’s book, and used that reply to rant about trade deficits. That would be like spotting some friends in a restaurant and going over to their table because you want to get their attention so you can begin ranting about, well, trade deficits. We don’t think Trump was trying to lecture the creator of the Apprentice about the trade deficit; we think he’s just too far gone to even realize what he’s clicking on anymore. And yet the tweet in question still stands.