Facebook has been hacked, change your passwords!

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If you tried to log into Facebook this morning only to find that you strangely had to renter your password where before it had been saved, you might have been hit. But maybe not. If you didn’t have to do that, you’re probably safe.

Either way, there are some basic precautions you should consider.

Time to reset your passwords, especially if you re-use your password on multiple sites.  Facebook was hacked yesterday including the USA, it explained why I was force logged out by FB. Received their notice this morning informed of their hack.  Do log out your profile and change your password

How do I secure my Facebook account?

If you have a Facebook account, we recommend updating your passwords immediately.
“Because the extent of the hack is unknown, we recommend that everyone with a Facebook account updates their Facebook password, as well as any similar passwords that they use for other online accounts,” says Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit. “Each of your online accounts should have a unique, complex password—this is especially true of accounts that contain sensitive personal information like social media accounts, banking accounts, and email accounts.” ~ Dashlane blog

Keep an eye out for fake emails, fake texts, fake websites, etc. trying to take advantage of this. Since Facebook is forcing password resets on a lot of accounts, that’s a great opportunity for deceptive/malicious websites (or phishing emails/texts) to try and trick you into thinking you’re resetting your Facebook password.

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