Ford credit manager

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The brand Ford has founded by Henry Ford. At first, he hasn’t had a job. Everyone refused his service. After all, he started his own garage and the result was the Ford car.

Nowadays they produce not only the cars, but also trucks, vans, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc… As the other vehicles you find in the market, this company too has ford lease deals for your concession. There you have to pay your lease month to month. That is where the Ford Credit Manager comes to the line. 

Managing an account- Ford credit manager

You will have to open an account in the company when you buy a vehicle by leasing. The normal way is to go to the service center of your area and pay. But on these days, as everything has become technological, the company has given you the chance to pay them through the internet.

There you need to create an account online. Its account manager is always user friendly and therefore it is very easy to have one. Most of the car buyers these days have got at least one credit card. What you have to use here is your credit card. However, it is easy for you to buy an expensive good and do part-payments if you have got a credit card. 

Facilities- Ford credit manager

The account manager page in the Ford Company gives you the chance to chat with them. Therefore if there is any problem with the vehicle, bill or any other topic, you can easily and directly ask from a liable person and get the correct answers at once. Then you don’t have to wonder getting information from others.

Here you can send a standing order and schedule you’re paying. Also, you can adjust the automatic paying in your account. You can always change your date which says when the payment has to be done. Furthermore, you can check your ending date of the whole payment and how much you have paid up to this date. As most of the leasing companies, here also you can ask for text messages into your mobile phone. All you have to do is register to it by filling a form and paying a small amount of money.

You don’t have to walk in, ask an application, fill it and wait in a queue to register your account. A person just has to go to the web site and fill his information through the internet. It is easy if you have got a mobile phone or a tablet because then you can install their mobile app. calls the Ford Pass application. 

The easy app

As we have said before, the app Ford Pass is the best chance that has given by the company to you. When you install it, you will get the ability to access to their site easily. Then you will get to know about your Ford credit account, the paying, and other details too. This one is smarter and easier than any other apps in the app store. The features they give help you to chill out your mood. If you cannot understand how it will happen; you would better install it into your mobile and check whether this is true or not. 

If you have it, you do not have to wait for the postman to bring you the account statements. You can search for yourself and get a printout when it is needed. You can find the last paying details and also the history. So that you will never be panic and overpay anytime.

Not only that, you can pay your parking chargers with this too. Also, you can find a place before you go somewhere and then reserve it so that you will never be disappointed. 

You can always sync the vehicle with the app. Therefore sometimes you may be able to unlock it without the key; in case you forgot the key inside or it has been lost. 

You may be able to do a booking for the service of the vehicle, if you have got the app. The company will give you the manual of the vehicle and the owner when you buy it. But what if you lost it? Don’t be upset, the app will help you to view the personal manual easily. 

What if you accidentally have not saved the number of your dealer?

What if you forgot the dealer’s business card at home and you are in an emergency need on the road? It is very easy. If you have the app, it is really easy to make a contact with him suddenly. 

Ford credit manager

When the company has organized an easier way to pay Ford motor credit, people who love to buy Ford vehicles are ready to connect worldwide. Therefore the company let not only android, iOS install the Ford Pass.

Ford credit

The usual data payment must be done for the application, but it will be only about 9Mb. The specialty that this app has is it can adjust according to the performance and the abilities of your mobile or tablet. Sometimes you may see that some links are not working. Don’t worry. It is because of the year of your vehicle has produced. Some links are clickable only if your vehicle model belongs to the year 2017 or beyond. That means only for the new motors. 


The Ford Company has invented a way to do the simple auto sales of the company. Ford credit manager is very friendly. You just have to log in and the entire Ford world will be under your feet. 

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