Observations During This Trip To Mexico

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a) When the flight attendant tells you to turn off your phone in-flight and you refuse, instead deciding to argue, curse them out, and continue to stay connected……you can count on two things: 1) head of the line privileges off the flight and 2) an escort by people in uniforms. I would also venture to guess that you probably won’t make your connection so you might want to conserve your battery to make a call and let someone know you won’t be home at the regularly scheduled time……

b) There is a limit of one carton of cigarettes per adult over 18 when you enter Mexico (even though there is a Duty Free shop when you arrive that sells them super cheap so those who smoke are encouraged to purchase). HOWEVER, if you purchase more than one carton (or bring a carton and purchase a carton) you will get fined for that extra one – to the tune of about $250.

c) People aren’t the only ones who like the beach…..raccoons do too – and they <3 it even more when silly tourists feed them, which makes them continue to hang out near people. Obviously these people don’t realize that, in addition to rabies, raccoons also carry two other diseases – roundworm and leptospirosis – that can be transmitted to people and pets.

d) Some people just don’t get that whole “anything 3.5 oz or more of liquid must go in your checked luggage” thing. If you buy something with liquid after checking your luggage in one location that you can carry onto the plane – be it a soda or a bottle of vanilla extract (great option in Mexico, by the way) – and then you arrive in the US where you have to go through Immigration and Customs which involves getting your luggage and rechecking it, you will HAVE to put that bottle into your luggage or you will LOSE it when you go back through Security. Simple as that. And NO, it doesn’t matter that you have a friend that works in Customs…..five states away.