The happy Costco hours in one’s life

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This is a place or a market where you find most of your food, medicine, meat and some other items in a whole. It is mainly situated in America, but you can find many more branches in Korea, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and some other countries too. 

When will all Costco locations close?

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Costco’s hours of operation?

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

The specialty in this store is that they have bulks. When you go to the usual market, you just buy one loaf of bread, one or two milk packets, one diaper pack, a kilo of meat, etc… But if you go to Costco, there you will see a bundle of diapers, ten kilos of meat pack, twelve milk packets together and many more. Everything in here is a lot. You may wonder how to put such an amount into your stomach. But we are sure that when you see the price and when you decide that price is low, you will surely begin to think of the way to buy this bundle. 

Some say that they sometimes miss going to worship their God, but they weekly go to this place for sure. This place is much closer to people’s lives. Actually, here, you can buy your food for the whole month if they do not decay. You know it is cheap. 

What are the hours can I shop?

Costco hours are not too hard. This one is open in the morning to the evening. You can go there every weekday and also on Saturdays sharply at seven p.m. In the evenings, they are open until six. They open the shop at ten a.m., but only on Sundays. Unfortunately, on Sundays, you can shop until five in the evening. 

You may think this is a bit strange because usually, we go shopping on Sundays. But, they get most of their stocks on Sundays and whether you believe it or not, Saturdays are the big days. 

Costco brings their items in large containers. They have drivers who bring the whole container into the shop straight from the harbor or sometimes from the airport. Usually, the other shops have the labors to unload the whole and after that unpack all the packets into single. But the labors in this place only have to unload all and just put them into an order. They may put them in a rack or sometimes they may load on to the floor. It doesn’t matter. After that, the labors will label the packs hurriedly so that the buyer can understand its price.

Costco Employees
Costco Employees

I do not have time to go shopping!

Do not worry!

Actually; these days, people who are aiming at developing their business, do not have time to go to a shop and choose what they want. Most of the times; some other family member or a child or sometimes a servant goes shopping for you. Nowadays people use online shopping because of the busy hours. 

Costco will give you the same chance. You can go to their website and just click what you want and how many of them you prefer. Then type your name and address. The delivery service will surely bring them to the address. Yes, it will take some time, sometimes three or four days, but their offer is sure. 

What you have to know is that this facility has limited days. Not only the Costco hours Sunday but also the delivery hours on Saturday are zero. You have to wait until the business hours come. That means weekdays. But don’t take this as a priority to stop shopping at Costco. You can always send someone to the store if it is an emergency. If you have time and need the best of what you want, just put an order and wait. If you are a person who knows the time management very much, the four days will not be a matter to you at all. 

Another important thing that you must know is this place is closed in some important holidays. As an example, you can notice that on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Labour Day and the first of January they are closed. You can go through the internet and get know about these days, or you can always ask a worker in the shop if you have any doubts. Hence, they put a notice every time if they are going to close in the next few days. You must not take this as a bother, because the people who works there are human beings too and they too need a rest. 

What can they do if you have a pharmacy?

They have not only food items, but also pharmacy items. Therefore you can just go in and select what you want. If you are a pharmacist, you must have the knowledge of the medicine. If not, there are workers who have the knowledge to help you. 

Costco pharmacist
Costco pharmacist

What do you want to have in your pharmacy? We think it is not only medicine. Whether you need medicine, the items such as wheelchairs and crutches, adult or baby diapers, some cosmetic items or any other things Costco pharmacy is happy to deliver all of them too.

The only thing you have to do is to give them a list of what you want. It is not too hard. You can call them and they are always ready to help you. One thing you have to be aware of is to know their business hours. Although you have ordered by email or any other way, it must be in their business hours. 

Unfortunately, they cannot help you though you are a pharmacist or you are in an emergency. They can only deliver it after about three or four days after you have sent them the list you want or the prescription of a doctor.

What if I do not have a pharmacy?

It does not matter what you have or have not. Actually; it does not matter to them whether you need a lot of medicine or you are just a single patient. Their action is the same. You only have to send them what your doctor asked to get. Costco will send everything to your house. 


Do shopping in a Costco store is a really amazing thing. You will go wondering what to buy because all you can see around are needy items. It doesn’t matter whether you buy something or not, just to go in and loitering around is a worth. 

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