Donald Trump praises Chinese president extending tenure ‘for life’

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It’s stuff like this that gets me, because the critics for U.S. President Donald Trump would rather focus on things like this than anything tangible.

Frankly, there is no evidence that Trump is a dictator or wants to be a dictator. He’s respected the courts, he’s respected parliamentary votes, he’s respected the rule of law, he hasn’t engaged in widespread arrests or attacks on his opponents (Twitter rants don’t count), there’s no evidence he meddled in any election by removing candidates or votes or by unilaterally invalidating results.

He may say things that, for a politician, are unsettling…but, as the saying goes, what’s said and what’s done are two completely different animals.

Now, his opponents *have* been dictatorial, since right from the start they’ve been trying to undermine the very dignity of our electoral institutions just because the results weren’t to their liking. Trump‘s critics have been the ones who have asked to invalidate election results or pressed to impeach him on frivolous charges (and not just Trump– Mike Pence, the Vice-President, gets targeted too), the kinds of things that happen in Third World countries where there is no respect for the rule of law, and I don’t want to go down that road.

I’m not saying that Trump is immune from criticism or that he’s a paragon for the Presidency (or that he’s even been all that great). However, I wishTrump‘s critics would focus on real, tangible criticisms (like his tax plan or the fact Trump stokes partisan fires) rather than rhetoric based more on emotion than tangible facts.